Who Are We Anyway?

Who is Lofilove?

Greetings all you lovely people out there! We hope you are all staying strong through this very challenging year. 2020 is not what we imagined it would be, but we can roll with the punches. Now that we have hit the halfway point of the year, we thought it would be great to take a deep dive in to who we are what what we are all about. We hope you have been following along with us so far but if you are new to our brand, welcome!

Lofilove was created by two fun-loving silly gooses who love to be constantly creating. We love creating great design, music, and travel. Not to mention we are extremely nostalgic for a seemingly fantastical world where people can freely express themselves and embrace the reality that they want to exist. One day we got to talking about how we could combine the things we love into something bigger. How could we create a platform that encourages a sense of community and belonging? On top of that, how could we bring awareness to great things happening all over the world?

Where to Begin?

To start, it was important to us to create something that would bond people together – to forge connections. A simple, yet well designed tee-shirt might not seem like a monumental thing, but when you really think about it, it is! A tee-shirt can carry a message, a vibe, a personality trait, it can signify membership within a certain community, the list goes on and on! So, the obvious answer to us was to create a collection of tees that allowed us to share our passions, and hopefully those passions would resonate with others. As our platform evolves and our blog grows, we aim to bring people together from around the globe to share in something that rises above the mundane. We want to encourage creativity, self-expression, and positive vibes. There can never be enough of that in the world!

How to Contribute?

Okay, we have the tees! How can we take this a step further? We have a mission and we have growing interest. What can we do with that? Our next step was to establish The Altruism Project. It is especially apparent, now more than ever, how much we need and rely on vital non-profits to lift up communities in need. Formulating a platform through which we donate a portion of our profits and allowing others to donate freely was a no-brainer. By choosing a handful of non-profit organizations that carry inherent value to our global communities, we are able to shine a light on the great work they do and support them as much as we possibly can. We hope that you find their work valuable too! With each tee purchase, you contribute to one of the nine organizations we selected to support. You can read about them in greater detail on our Give page!

Journey with Us!

We hope you will continue to follow along with us as we expand our horizons and grow as a brand. Your support means the world to us! Stay tuned to our blog, Public Broadcast, you can subscribe to our newsletter, and follow us on social media.

Andrew & Shelly