Sunburns and Beach Crabs

Time to Hit That Hot, Hot Sand

Lofilovers! Did you know that Texas has some amazing coastal towns and beaches? Well, it does! Padre Island National Seashore offers a whopping 70 miles of coastline where you can hang out for the day or set up camp. So, in an effort to escape the people and the drudgery of being at home, we decided to take our operation to the beach. Setting up camp on sand with no tree shade? I ask you, what could go wrong?!

In all seriousness, we wanted to give ourselves a chance to really get back into our creative headspace. Even if you cannot get to a beach, lake, or park, it is important to take time to do something you enjoy – especially now. If you are having trouble finding ways to have fun safely, send us a message! Maybe we can brainstorm together and find something great!

Finding Inspiration

Much to our surprise, we discovered that there are little nocturnal beach crabs that comb the sand each night! What a fun discovery. Shocking as it was, it got us thinking about saltwater creatures and things we love about summer. And what is better than a delicious, melting, ice cream cone? The rush of licking that creamy goodness faster than the rate at which it melts down your hand just can’t be beat.

We decided to create a design for you that represents our love of ice cream. What better to pair with a sweet cone than a great white shark? The beloved and terrifying villain of the deep! If Jaws didn’t terrify you as a kid, well, good for you. This creature is synonymous with beach time fun. While this Great White Cone Tee is great year round, it is especially awesome for tossing a frisbee or flying a kite on a glorious sun drenched afternoon.