Welcome to Lofilove.


Lofilove is the brainchild of two creatives who sought to create a platform that encourages self-expression and positive human connection. Armed with our passion for nostalgia and good vibes, we have come together to restore the creative forefront which humanity has historically thrived on within this digital era. We embrace the retro-renaissance that we are currently experiencing – where fragments of this sentimentality are met with a growing desire for authenticity in the present. It is our responsibility to facilitate the expansion of individuality in this vital moment in time, full of cynicism about capitalism, sarcastic takes on the unachieved utopias of previous movements, runaway consumerism, escapism, and globalization.

Our goal is to reach all of you who feel as we do, and to provide a place where self-exploration is encouraged and self-expression can be fulfilled. We aim to inspire a reconnection with the self, in a time where the digital age is a beautiful amalgamation of both positive and negative mediums — the negative of which has only sought to bring us down and tell us what we need, what we must look like, and how we must behave. Here, only the positive will endure, to send the message that these toxic notions have no place in our lives. The sentimentality we find ourselves seeking today reflects this positivity we so dearly value; a call to a simpler time, where the consumption of garbage contributing to low-self worth was minimal, at best. Lofilove is where this nostalgia becomes accessible — to make it something of the present rather than something of the past.

Additionally, we believe there is an ongoing need to support humanitarian efforts. The mission of Lofilove is not only to promote creativity, but also to give back to organizations and nonprofits that provide aid where it is needed. We founded The Altruism Project™ to be the vehicle through which we donate to causes that are centered around education, hunger, and the wellbeing of our Earth. Through these efforts we hope to raise awareness on these crucial issues and continuously promote the spread of love.