Creatives Who Inspire Us to be Our Best Selves

Finding Inspiration to Keep Chugging Forward

Greetings Lovers! Here at Lofilove, we are constantly immersing ourselves in creative, forward thinking energy. We love discovering new ways of expanding our minds and thinking outside the box. Therefore, it is essential for us to look at other entrepreneurs who do just that. We find that we get a lot of inspiration from others who take the reins of their life, paving a new way rather than taking the same old, worn path. And this doesn’t pertain just to those who are in the design world! We look to those who lead the way in terms of self-care, health, productivity, and leading successful businesses.

Everyone has different styles of life, habits, and ways of thinking. What works for some may not work for everyone! But it is great to experiment and make adjustments depending on your own personal or professional goals so that you can cultivate a winning routine. That is exactly what we have worked hard to do, so that we can continuously make our brand and platform something that resonates with you!

Tim Ferriss – He Does It All

One such individual we draw inspiration from who, well, does everything it seems, is Tim Ferriss. If you have not heard of Tim Ferriss, boy are you in for a treat! He has written books such as The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body, and Tribe of Mentors. As you can surmise from the titles, his books hone in on how to be your best self in all areas of life. His work exists to encourage productivity and positive life experiences, but not in a way that is overbearing or unhealthy. We should be the leaders of our own lives, and Ferriss is there to provide encouragement and guidance along the way. What he does for us here at Lofilove, is remind us to work efficiently so that we can have the personal time we need to unwind and de-stress.

Anthony Bourdain – Worldwide Maverick

Anthony Bourdain was, and still is, a big source of influence in our lives. His openminded worldview left no room for judgement or selfishness. He wanted to share unique experiences with the world, ones that maybe we don’t get to participate in often, or ever. By reminding us that the world is a vast place full of people from all walks of life, we are able to make decisions that will not promote exclusivity and that encompass our mission of building community. Not to mention he never failed to give us the itch to travel! His show, Parts Unknown, will never fail to be a source of good hearted inspiration.

Brené Brown – Empowerment Coach

This little blurb would not be complete with out including Brené Brown. She has spent her career in academia studying topics like courage and leadership. Not to mention she has written FIVE best-selling books. Talk about a powerhouse! She is one of those well-spoken people who talks about the hard things, the things we don’t like to think about but should so we can rise higher in life. Let’s be real, the world can be scary and intimidating! But in order to put ourselves out there we have to face those fears. She inspires us to tackle the barriers that present themselves as we trek along our path to growth.

These are just a few of the brilliant humans who have inspired and encouraged us to continuously work towards our goals. Maybe they inspire you too! Are there any people out there you draw guidance from? We would love to know!

Till next time – stay safe out there!