Time To Talk About New Music

Music Is Everything

Lofilovers, how are you?! We hope that your summers have been fun, yet safely distanced. One thing we are really enjoying right now is creating music. Both of us were raised in very musical households and it shows! There is likely music going on somewhere in our home at all times.

Music can be a wonderful motivator, a source of inspiration, and a great tool for soothing and de-stressing. Discovering new music is also a treat! We wanted to share with you a couple new releases that we think you will love: The World As We Know It by Figueroa, and Heart Math by The Gaslamp Killer. What are some of your favorite new releases?

Figueroa – The World As We Know It

The World As We Know It was released on 30 July by Figueroa – aka Amon Tobin. We don’t quite know how to categorize this collection of genre bending songs, nor do we intend to try! Amon Tobin is an avant-garde musician and producer. His latest album is a unique and monumental work of art that seems to capture the essence of so many beautiful instruments. But – spoiler alert – this album is completely electronic! It is dreamy, it is energizing, it is absolute perfection. We have been blasting this one as we lounge by the pool, contemplating life in the most existential way.

The Gaslamp Killer – Heart Math

Heart Math was released on 7 August by The Gaslamp Killer. William Benjamin Bensussen is The Gaslamp Killer, an LA based producer and DJ. His latest release comes after a 3 year hiatus and it is something to behold. The overall sound is rooted in experimental hip-hop and offers a layered exploration into the psyche for anyone who dares to listen. If you vibe with retro, mildly unsettling beats, this album is definitely for you. Get ready to go on a journey.

One thing through this quarantine we are really missing is concerts. Nothing compares to the feelings of experiencing music you love in person. We are wishing and hoping for the world to settle down soon so we can do these things we love once more.

Analog Afterlife

To tie in this theme of electronic music, we have created a tee that is all about programming and functionality. In thinking about the transcendental essence that both of these new albums has, we thought, why not create something that reflects this ‘beyond life’ experience? The Analog Afterlife Tee is the ultimate representation of what we are becoming. Not to get too deep on you here, but we are all basically robots now. Just kidding, but really. Let’s get back in touch with the human within.