Back To School

Virtual Learning Reality

Hello Lofilovers. It is officially September, and you know what that means? Back to school! And clearly we are all still trying to figure out what exactly that looks like for everyone. This fall semester will certainly be an extension of what we experienced this spring, with distanced classwork and thinking about new, innovative ways of learning. It seems like virtual learning is becoming the norm, but certainly does present a new set of challenges. And it also means that the quintessential back to school shopping trip may look a little different as well.

Back To School Shopping!

Growing up, nothing was more delightful than buying school supplies. The smell of freshly sharpened pencils, construction paper, and the largest set of crayons you could get your hands on was truly a thing of joy. Not to mention shopping for new school clothes! That was one of our favorite things to do, even if it was just a couple of new items. It allowed us to think about what vibe we wanted for the year. How would we present ourselves to the world – er, school-mates?

Our tees are designed with personality in mind. We want to create products allow for communication through imagery, and that resonate with all types of people. Maybe you are obsessed with science, or music perhaps? In thinking of back to school and favorite school subjects, we created the Ancient Manifestation Tee. History class was always one of our favorites.

Experiencing Knowledge

Learning about different cultures and histories other than our own is super important when it comes to how we conduct ourselves and approach life. Plus, thanks to the internet, we have access to all kinds of information that we previously didn’t have. This allows us to take things even further than before and truly get in touch with people from around the world, who can offer a glimpse into a world other than our own.

Our goal is to continue creating thoughtfully designed tees with you in mind. We want there to be something here for everyone, so that we may all come together and share our thoughts and opinions in a creative way.

Until next time, stay safe!