Sustainable Practices With Bella+Canvas Tees

Becoming Eco-Friendly

Here at Lofilove, it is important that we do everything in our power to be sustainable. We care deeply for the earth we live on therefore it is our responsibility to do everything in our power to make better choices. Sustainable living has become more and more popular over the last few years, especially within the apparel industry, which has a history of wasteful manufacturing processes. In order for us to become more eco-friendly, we decided to only work with companies that have taken steps towards more sustainable practices.


We wanted to use Bella+Canvas for our tees because not only are they super comfortable and just downright amazing, the company has implemented sustainable practices company-wide from the ground up. Their motto is Earth First. Always. Their sustainability goals focus on water reduction, energy reduction, and generating virtually zero waste. You can read more about Bella+Canvas practices here.

Water Reduction

Bella+Canvas use 7x less water than the average clothing manufacturer by using newer, more efficient dye machines. These machines save 24 million gallons of water a week! To go even further, any water they don’t use goes through a filtration system so that it can be recycled.

Energy Reduction

Bella+Canvas utilize solar panels to power the machinery in their manufacturing plants, as well as their offices. They have introduced sky lights into their buildings to cut down on the amount of artificial light required for operations. However, when light is needed there are motion-sensor LED lights which allows them to use significantly less energy. The company also encourages their employees to utilize electric cars and further reduce co2 emissions by installing charging stations at their offices!

Zero Waste

Bella+Canvas manufacturing facilities and Cali headquarters recycle everything that cannot be turned into a tee, therefore produce nearly zero landfill garbage. Their warehouses are paper free, thanks to the completely digitized order processes, and they even repurpose any damaged fabrics. They also use eco-friendly packaging!

Making Changes

Even though the apparel industry is making moves towards sustainable production and processes, there is still a lot of work to do. By supporting brands and businesses that have made significant changes to their own practices, you can perpetuate positive change. Additionally, through our Give program, we support three non-profits focused on preserving the health of our environment. We donate $1 of every tee you purchase to one of these fantastic organizations. It really is a win-win situation – you get a sustainably made tee and the opportunity to help a non-profit continue their valuable work!

As always, we appreciate your support through this difficult, monumental year. It hasn’t been easy but we hope that all of you are staying safe, distanced, and happy.