Tokyo A Go-Go

Hello Lofilovers!

We hope this week has been a treat for you all. We have been working hard for you while also enjoying some of the sunshine that has come our way! Here at Lofilove, our ongoing goal is to find new ways to think outside of the box. It is important to us that we keep our brand fresh and innovative as we grow. That being said, we are getting ready to travel to Japan so that we can talk to artists, musicians, and new friends! This will allow us to get inspiration for brand development and new products. We couldn’t be more excited for this adventure, and cannot wait to return with new, exciting ideas to share with you.

Tokyo Totem is our absolute favorite book about Tokyo. It is not your ordinary city guide – it offers a unique take on understanding what makes Tokyo tick beyond what tourists can see. It discusses finding and following the rhythm of each city; finding yourself along the way. Whether you are planning to visit Japan or if you are simply interested in the culture, we could not recommend this artful book more. We feel a special connection to this wonderful country, and find that we discover something new about ourselves each time we visit.

We believe that experiencing new cultures and ideas can only serve us in positive ways. It allows us to see things through a different lens than our own. Expanding our horizons is the best thing we can do for ourselves as we develop and grow, not just as individuals but also as a group or an organization. If you have the opportunity to go somewhere new, whether it is in your home state, country, or anywhere world-wide, we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone!

In the meantime, we are excited to introduce one of our newest tee designs, the Cumulus Terrarium Tee! We print all of our apparel on Bella + Canvas products, which are wonderfully soft and have a great, classic unisex fit. They are high quality so don’t worry – your new shirt will have a very long life! So grab a new fresh tee and get ready for the weekend