Quarantine with a Side of Music

Take a moment to breathe

Hello loft babes! We hope that as this period of quarantine pushes forward you are remaining safe, healthy, and happy. There is a lot to be stressed about, but we can all try to find joy in the little things. Over here, things have been getting mighty creative. But that’s not to say we haven’t taken some time to ourselves to relax, find some peace, and basically take a break from life for a while. We have seen this big push on social media to be super productive with all of this “time off”, but that’s not to say a break isn’t in the cards as well. It is important to find that balance between doing and not doing. There is no need to put unnecessary pressure on yourselves to be operating at 100%!

Crank up the tunes

We have always found refuge in music. Music has the power to bring you comfort, as well as make you super sad. It can make you happy, it could probably also make you angry. Whatever your favorite genres may be, we hope you are getting down in whatever way makes you feel great. Our Spotify account has been on overdrive lately as we play old favorites and deep dive for new artists.

We are super excited because an artist we LOVE just released their first album in 9 years! Amtrac’s new album, called Oddyssey, is aptly named. The genius behind Amtrac is Caleb Cornett. He is an extraordinary instrumentalist, producer, and DJ. Oddyssey certainly takes you on a journey that is all about lifting your spirits, feeling the feelings, and dancing your pants off. I mean, it’s quarantine…are we even wearing pants?? This record couldn’t have come out at a better time, when we need some funky moves and cheery vibes to get us through this weirdness. Therefore, we highly recommend you put on your dancing shoes and turn up the volume on this one.