Moving Forward – Never Look Back

Time to Move!

Greetings all you lofi guys and gals! We are here with some very exciting news in the midst of this not exciting year (thanks a lot, 2020). While we have spent the last several years making the northeastern US our home, we have decided to relocate to Austin, Texas. Both of us grew up in Texas, and we decided that being near our families during this weird time would be best. This means saying farewell to a place that we have grown to love, which is never easy. Especially since we are unable to visit our favorite spots due to the ongoing quarantine. Hopefully these special places around town will stay strong through this shut down so that we can return when things go back to normal.

It hasn’t been easy for many small businesses to stay afloat, so we have been doing everything we can to support those in need within our community. We have done this by ordering take out and pick up orders from small restaurants and businesses around town. Hopefully you are able to offer any support you can during this time as well! It all counts, no matter how small.

The Moving Process

Currently we are busy packing our belongings, which inspires trips down memory lane and thoughts like, “Why do I have this again?” This is a great opportunity to purge things that are no longer needed and give them to those who are in need. We are also donating the bulk of our unopened pantry items to our local food bank, which is seeing record numbers due to all of the recent job losses. If you are looking for a way to help others, donating food is a good one.

In mere weeks, we will load up a Penske truck and make our way down to Texas. We will be driving through some beautiful states and are particularly excited to see the Blue Ridge Mountains, which are part of the Appalachian Mountains, as we drive through Virginia and Tennessee. Road trips are a great time to listen to new podcasts, books, music – or simply take in your surroundings. This excursion may also be good for the creative flow – perhaps a new design will come to fruition!

Never Look Back

Speaking of design, and in the spirit of moving forward, we have our Never Look Back Tee. We offer the juxtaposition of a retro 80s design coupled with the message, “never look back.” It inspired us to think about the idea of forward momentum, taking a step into the unknown for the sake of growth. As we move into new phases of life, we must remember why we make these choices and to not let the comfort of the past hold us back.

The message here can be deep, but it can also be one of lighthearted encouragement. Maybe you are starting a new morning meditation or experimenting with new recipes! Whatever the case may be, we hope you are seeking growth in any form or fashion that brings you happiness and satisfaction.