Emphasizing Love

February 14th has become something of an enigma. The classic shtick of red roses and a dinner reservation somewhere that doesn’t fit your own personality is the dream of yesteryear. Many of us nowadays choose not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but rather embrace the idea that we should show those we love how much we love them on a daily basis throughout the year. This Hallmark holiday should be updated to fit our modern version of what love can be.

At Lofilove, we appreciate everyone around us and welcome the different ways they touch our lives. Remember, this day is not just for romantic partners, but for everyone – no matter your relationship status. It is important for us to show love to everyone because it brings positivity to our lives. We encourage every one of you to take a moment today, or any day, to remind the people in your life how important they are to you. You never know who needs to hear it.

We have created a Spotify playlist especially for all days of the year that radiate love and positive energy.

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